About the festival

Fashion affects us all - whether we admit it to ourselves is a separate issue. We all make fashion choices - which pants or blouse or skirt we buy, which brand's collections we choose, which stores we enter. Do we know who designed the selected clothes? Do we find out where and how they were made? Do we know the material? Are we conscious fashion consumers? Or we throw up our hands and say that fashion leaves us completely cold - and yet we have to buy new clothes from time to time and choose something to wear from them every morning.

They say you are what you eat. We would expand this idea - you are what you eat and wear. Loving fashion does not mean running along with every new trend and being aware of the hit colors of the upcoming season. It is certainly not necessary to change half of the wardrobe when the new year arrives and to donate the clothes purchased last year to "charity". Loving fashion means that you care - about yourself, other people and the environment around you. You make informed choices, you know how to appreciate quality, you are a little familiar with the history of fashion and you realize that when buying a new garment, the first argument cannot be the price, but the right feeling. The right feel for the garment's manufacturer, material, fit and many other important details.

The fashion film festival MoeKunstiKino is here to help you - we will bring to the big screen the latest selection of documentaries made in the last year, which will help you to be better informed about the world of fashion and to fall in love with fashion (even more). To see people who have dedicated their lives to fashion, feel the passion with them and understand why fashion is important.

This year's program includes films from many great figures in the world of fashion and art. Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Yayoi Kusama, Christian Dior, Guo Pei and many others are on the big screen and share their thoughts, actions, setbacks and, above all, their passion. We know that many fashion enthusiasts come to the movie theaters, but hopefully those who are just discovering the world of fashion for themselves will also come there. We believe that there are enough experiences for everyone!

See you at the cinema and in fashion,

Helen Saluveer
Creator of MoeKunstiKino