Creativity Realms


  • Original title: Creativity Realms
  • Director: Jo Nurm
  • Length: 12 min
  • Country: Estonia
  • Year: 2023


These films function as visually compelling and narratively intricate portraits of dreams. They use innovative cinematic techniques to capture the enigmatic and abstract nature of dreams, masterfully blending reality and fantasy in a way that immerses audiences in a unique cinematic experience.

The most distinctive feature of these films is their exploration of the nonexistent realms within the human mind, the spaces where the tangible world converges with the abstract world of thought and imagination.

These are the places where new ideas and creative insights are born - places that exist solely within the mind of the individual.

Though these realms can't be physically visited or objectively observed, through the lens of these films, we are given an intimate glimpse into the creative process itself.

The films serve as a mirror, reflecting the complex interplay between creativity and reality that occurs within the minds of artists.

By visualizing these spaces, the films invite audiences into a world of artistic inspiration and psychological exploration, offering a unique perspective on the artistic process and the human experience.

"Creativity Realms" mini-films will be screened as a whole series before the screenings of the documentary film "Vivienne Westwood: God Save the Queen", individually before all screenings of MoeKunstiKino in 2023.