House of Cardin


  • Original title: House of Cardin
  • Directors: P. David Ebersole ja Todd Hughes
  • Length: 95 min
  • Country: USA, France
  • Year: 2019


The film takes the viewer into the world of the beloved fashion genius - together we can discover his extraordinary talent, biography and creations through different decades. Exclusive footage from Pierre Cardin's personal archives, exciting interviews with his colleagues, collaborators and friends.

At the end of 2020, Pierre Cardin (2.07.1922 - 29.12.2020) passed away at the age of 98 - self-made man, symbol of French elegance, fashion designer, stylist, businessman, designer and philanthropist, who had always stubbornly followed his own ideas and created admiration all over the world with his creations. He gained recognition with his firm, unique style, in which his unique originality manifested itself against prevailing customs and prescriptions, always several steps ahead of his time.

Fashion designer Anu Samarüütel will make an introduction to the film screening.