British Style


  • Original title: British Style
  • Director: Loic Prigne
  • Length: 52 min
  • Country: France
  • Year: 2017


What is British style? London has always been a breeding ground for new trends and the most stylish capital in Europe. It is no coincidence that punk, which caused the biggest style rebellion of the last century, started in this city.

British Style is a fast-paced, entertaining and colorful documentary about British wardrobe and style. Loïc Prigent, a fashion expert with a sharp eye and insightful analysis, makes sense of the changes in British clothing styles, from uniforms, aristocracy, lad culture, eccentricity, Anglicism and the British fashion industry to real Englishwomen, with the help of revealing fashion archives that cover the period from modern fashion to the 1950s.

Fashion designer Anu Samarüütel will make an introduction to the film screenings.